The Pella Rolscreen Foundation encourages growth and development in the communities in which its team members live and work. Although the Pella Rolscreen Foundation normally does not match gifts to churches or other religious organizations, to facilitate community development, Pella Rolscreen Foundation will fund, through the Matching Gift Program, a building project for a local house of worship. The Foundation will make the determination if the guidelines are met and may, at their discretion, reserve the right to decline a request for a matching gift. Following are the guidelines for a building project to qualify for a matching gift:

  1. For employees who work at a Pella Corporation manufacturing or sales site, the building project must be within 60 miles of a Pella manufacturing or sales site. For Pella Corporation employees and retirees who do not work at a Pella Corporation manufacturing or sales site, the building project must be within 60 miles of the primary residence of the person seeking matching gifts.
  2. For remodeling or additions, the cost of the building project must equal at least 50 percent of the insurable value of the current structure.
  3. The building project must be a current project and should be started before an application for matching gifts will be approved.
  4. Matching gifts for a particular building project will be made for no more than a three-year period.  
  5. The total amount of matching gifts available for any single building project will not exceed $100,000.
  6. The building’s primary purpose must be as a house of worship. It cannot have a secondary purpose as a residence or commercial establishment. Ownership of the land and building must be with a 501(c)(3) organization.


Will a new building project qualify?


Will a major remodeling or renovation to an existing building qualify?

Yes, if it meets the 50 percent requirement noted above.

Will an addition to or replacement of the heating and/or air-conditioning system, parking lot, organ and/or piano, or sound system qualify?

Only if it’s part of a building project that meets the requirements listed above. If the entire project is just replacing an existing system, it will not qualify.

Will construction or remodeling of the parsonage or the addition or replacement of a van, addition of a garage for a van, or a separate facility for classrooms or recreational use qualify?

No, the Matching Gift Program is intended to support construction of or addition to the primary house of worship.

Would mortgage reduction fund drives qualify for matching gift consideration?

Only if it’s for a currently approved project.

Would pledges made by Pella Corporation employees or retirees for building projects completed in the past qualify for matching gift consideration?

No, the Matching Gift Program is intended to support current and future building projects.

Would a mission project sponsored by my local congregation or denomination for a house of worship in another community be eligible?

Only if it meets the 60-mile requirement.

Must I be a member of the congregation in order to use the Matching Gift Program for a building project?

No. Any employee or retiree can donate and be eligible for matching funds for gifts to qualifying building projects.