Joan Kuyper Farver was an inspiration to all who knew her. Having left Pella, Iowa, she selflessly returned to support the management team during a most difficult period following the death of her brother and father, Stu and Pete Kuyper. As Chair of the Board of Directors, she filled the role with grace and influence through a period of unprecedented growth.

Her passion for the company and the entire Pella Corporation family was evident to all. When there was a need, she found a way to fill it. She loved visiting with team members and participating in special events at many sites. She gave generously of her resources and unselfishly of her time. She was active with the Pella Rolscreen and Kuyper Foundations as well as her personal foundation and many community organizations because she understood the importance of quality communities. As a fitting memorial, the Joan Farver Spirit Award was developed to annually recognize team members who share her caring spirit and enthusiasm for community service.

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