Blackout Period for Volunteer Recognition Program:

The new year brings exciting changes for the Pella Rolscreen Foundation — it’s going paperless! All matching gifts and volunteerism will be administered through an intuitive and mobile-friendly  

Start tracking your 2019 volunteer hours for you and your spouse. You will be able to record hours when the Foundation portal goes live.

Watch for more exciting details as the February launch approaches.


Participant Eligibility

The program is available to Pella Corporation team members, retirees, and their spouses who volunteer in non-paying roles. Participants are eligible for two awards annually, one each period, and the dollars are not counted towards their matching gift dollar total.


Grants will be awarded for hours volunteered in a wide variety of community services, including, but not limited to, leading a scout or 4-H group, teaching or helping in a literacy or school program, assisting a volunteer fire department, helping residents of nursing homes or hospitals, building homes through Habitat for Humanity, coaching youth recreation teams, etc. Attendance at regularly scheduled meetings of service organizations does not qualify unless you take part in the program or serve in a leadership role, but working on service projects for the group will qualify. Time used preparing or participating in worship services, missions programs, or other evangelism-related activities will not qualify. If you do volunteer work for a house of worship building project that qualifies for Matching Gifts, the hours will qualify.

All questions regarding interpretation, application, or administration of the provisions of this program will be determined by the Pella Rolscreen Foundation